Marvel Cancels Superhero “The Punisher” Because Conservatives Like Him

Progressive media sources have always dismissed the concept of the culture war as a “right-wing conspiracy theory.” 

It wasn’t until 2016 that commercial advertising became rich with progressive ideological images, but the injection of far-left politics into entertainment media had begun years before. This was evident in movies, children’s shows, streaming television, and novels.

The mission is straightforward: to flood the market with only one political vision, a woke vision, and obliterate all others.  Anyone who denies the existence of social engineering in the United States today is engaging in gaslighting.  

Symbols of heroism are being progressively obliterated or hijacked as vehicles for woke talking points, and this has led the American comic book business to become an oddly pivotal battlefield in the cultural war.  Some comic book characters have had their races switched, may have become LGBT, or their backstories have been altered to make them more “acceptable for modern audiences.” 

And there is one hero figure in particular that liberals want wholly erased from history books: The Punisher.

The Punisher tells the tragic tale of a war veteran whose family is slaughtered in what appears to be a hit orchestrated by criminals.  Castle decides to take matters into his own hands by methodically killing the offenders because government agents aren’t doing anything to apprehend the perpetrators. 

Frank Castle, or The Punisher, was developed by Gerry Conway, John Romita, and Ross Andru in 1974 in response to the escalating violence, social unrest, and economic uncertainty of that time.  

In recent years, conservatives, soldiers, and law enforcement personnel have flocked to The Punisher as an icon.  Taking affairs into their own hands is commonly symbolized by the ubiquitous trademark skull emblem, which may be seen on patches, clothing, and flags.  The sign was also seen at the demonstrations on January 6.  

Marvel Comics’ leftists are fuming at this development. Marvel has made it official this month, removing the Punisher as readers know him.  Did he have a heroic ending?  No, in the most awake way possible Progressive heroes kidnap Frank Castle, lock him up, and put him through a struggle session where they call him names and call him a murderer and a terrorist.  Marvel even brings the Punisher’s deceased wife back to life to tell him that his war against the criminal underworld was in vain, divorce him, and seize his money and property.

Then he commits suicide.

Inspired by the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Leftist forces in America are methodically erasing all positive depictions of oppositional ideologies from our cultural canon.