Kristi Noem’s Latest Book Shares She Put Down Family Dog

Kristi Noem, governor of South Dakota, plans to release a memoir (No Going Back: The Truth On What’s Wrong with Politics And How We Move America Forward) in which she writes about a scenario in which she kills a family dog called Cricket and an unidentified goat.

When Noem revealed the specifics of the event, some of her political opponents and allies were critical of the Republican and potential running mate for former president Donald Trump.

According to Noem, the wirehaired pointer known as Cricket proved to be “untrainable” and “less than worthless” when it came to hunting pheasants.

Noem remembered deciding to get rid of Cricket after the dog spoiled a hunting trip, murdered poultry belonging to another household, and bit the governor. She also says she shot an unidentified, uncastrated, and rambunctious goat.

An ideological quagmire has broken out in response to the tale. Noem justified her behavior by saying that she is prepared to do tough things in life and politics and that such measures are sometimes required in farming. Nevertheless, her anecdote just made everything worse. To promote her book, Noem said that she promised more real, honest, and politically incorrect stories that’ll have the media gasping.

She went on to say that dogs who attack and kill animals are subject to the death penalty under South Dakota law.

Due to these deadly disclosures, no one knows whether Trump is more or less interested in Governor Noem. There is no polling data on how shooting a family dog plays with the voters. What might be everyday life in South Dakota may horrify people in other states.

Noem has shown no remorse and has openly boasted about going on another murdering spree. Not long ago, she had to say goodbye to three horses in her family for twenty-five years.