FBI Warns Chinese Govt.-Linked Hackers Could Attack ‘Critical US Infrastructure’

Since president Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2021, the United States has been faced with precarious circumstances as a country at both the international and domestic spheres of politics and affairs. Biden entered the office after successfully campaigning and presenting himself as a “moderate” candidate, but completely ditched the persona after entering the White House. Promoting massive spending packages in the early stages of his term, the president’s long touted “inflation Reduction Act” and other packages passed before this legislation have contributed to fueling rising inflation and result in the declining value of the American dollar. Some 60% of Americans are estimated to be currently living paycheck to paycheck. The middle class, once the backbone of the American economy, continues to shrink, and skyrocketing housing costs have made home ownership unrealistic for many average families.

The state of affairs continues to worsen international as well. Two major conflicts have heavily escalated in the middle east and eastern Europe. Russia and Ukraine remained embroiled in a fierce conflict. Although the war has been stalemated for a considerable amount of time, the conflict is truly one deemed a “war of attrition”. Quite frankly, Ukraine is being “bled dry”. Russia, a larger nation with more manpower and resources, has destroyed much of the nation and appears to be winning the conflict. While the western powers have hidden information and details regarding the conflict, it is clear that Ukraine is losing the war. Despite this, calls for additional monetary aid from nations like the United States to the beleaguered country continue to occur, as if money will change the reality of the situation.

Another nation on the rise is China. The communist far-eastern superpower has been slowly dominating the economic battle between the U.S.. The FBI has claimed that the Chinese are at risk of hacking critical components of the nation’s infrastructure. The tensions between the countries will likely escalate.