Poll Finds RFK Jr.’s Candidacy Hurts Trump’s Prospects More Than Biden

In the years that have followed the 2020 presidential election in which the incumbent 45th Commander in Chief of the United States the Republican business real estate mobile from New York City Donald Trump lost a bid for re-election to the White House at the hands of career politician Joe Biden, Americans at large have faced uncertain times of instability and volatility. While the former president has long claimed that the election contest of that year was “stolen” from him, despite many legal battles and repeated claims of fraud and corruption in the election system, there remains no evidence that this was actually the case.

While voting machines and ballot harvesting methods of fraud may not have occurred in 2020 at levels large enough to alter the election results, what happened undeniably during that cycle was the mass censorship and control of information promoted and spread by the mainstream media. Indeed, the New York Post released a story regarding Hunter Biden and a laptop with incriminating evidence in relation to his family and the then Democrat candidate for president Biden before the election occurred, but Twitter removed this story from their platform and deemed it as false along with the New York times.

Trump has locked up the Republican nomination and is locked in a dead heat with President Biden in most polls. In reality, though, Trump is unlikely to win in November 2024. While Biden, the incumbent, is quite unpopular himself, Trump is truly despised by massive portions of the American electorate and is a toxic political figure that does not possess the ability to win over key voting demographics like independents and moderates. Trump will face an uphill battle electorally as well if he hopes to win the presidency. Another dangerous sign for Trump is the quickly increasing popularity of the independent candidate, a centrist Democrat Robert Kennedy. In recent polls, Kennedy appears to be hurting Trumps support.