Britain Planning to Join Europe’s New Air Defence System Plan

Grant Shapps announced that Britain is in discussions to join Sky Shield,  a new air defense system in Europe that seeks to intercept missile and drone attacks from enemies like Russia;

An early draft of a “Sky Shield” is being considered by the United Kingdom and its European partners. ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense, like Israel’s, is something that Britain may need down the road, according to Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the armed forces chief.

Supersonic Typhoon planes are already part of the United Kingdom’s multi-layered defense system and may be scrambled if necessary.

Germany launched Europe’s Sky Shield in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, which Vladimir Putin led. The program’s goal is to have an integrated air and missile defense system throughout Europe, with 21 member states (including non-NATO members).

It hopes to reduce costs for nations by facilitating training, maintenance, and logistical cooperation and coordinating the acquisition of air and missile defense systems like the Patriot missile system. The country formally joined last month despite concerns that it may jeopardize Switzerland’s long-standing neutrality.

According to Shapps, the plan is in the early phases of discussion with his “European neighbors.” Shapps boldly stated that it would be ‘crazy’ for other nations to mount a missile strike on Britain, citing Article 5 of the NATO treaty as the reason. According to this provision, 31 countries would rush to the UK’s defense.

Yesterday, Mark Francois (a former defense minister) made history by being the last prominent politician to mention a “UK equivalent of Israel’s Iron Dome system” in an interview.

The former minister of defense, James Heappey, has also joined the chorus of voices calling for the deployment of an Iron Dome in Britain; however, naysayers point out that the country is far more significant than Israel, which would make the project much more complex and expensive.

Some high-ranking defense officials are worried that a hostile power, like Russia under Vladimir Putin, may attack the United Kingdom from the air, dropping cruise missiles and kamikaze drones on strategic military installations and major cities in the country.