Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Divorce Turns Nasty

After Sophie Turner accused singer Joe Jonas of withholding the children’s passports and preventing them from visiting her in the UK, he responded dramatically.

According to court records filed last week, Turner is suing Jonas to take their kids back to the UK, the latest nasty twist in their protracted divorce.

Turner and Jonas married in 2019.

A spokeswoman for Jonas, 34, told entertainment media that the singer wanted ‘ shared custody with actress Turner, 27 and that the children were not abducted. A dissolving marriage is the subject of this court dispute. The spokesman added that terminology like “abduction” is inaccurate and legal misuse at worst. The children are with their mother after three months under Joe’s care at their mutual accord. Sophie simply claims this to relocate the divorce to the UK and permanently transplant the kids from the U.S.

Jonas’ spokesman claimed the singer has previously renounced any remarks reportedly uttered on his behalf that were derogatory of Sophie. They were produced without his consent and contradicted his beliefs. He wants Sophie to rethink her severe legal stance and move ahead constructively and privately. The statement said Jonas’ primary interest is his children’s well-being.

The spokeswoman also rejected Turner’s claim that she didn’t know he was divorcing her. After many discussions with Sophie, Jonas filed for divorce in Florida, the proper venue. A Florida Court has barred both parents from moving the kids.

Turner’s complaint states that the pair regularly discussed raising their kids in Turner’s home country as a ‘safe area.’

Last Christmas in the UK, the couple rented a villa near Turner’s parents’ home.

Turner claimed they had determined to hunt for a home in England, pick a school for their oldest daughter, and establish their family there.

The pair sold their Miami, Florida, home for $15 million this year before allegedly preparing to move to England.

A report reveals records filed in New York on Monday show Turner and Jonas temporarily agreeing to keep their children in New York. The temporary consent order requires both to keep their children in New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley.