Democrat Star Predicts Trump Indictment Will Backfire

ESPN veteran Stephen A. Smith warned Democrats on Thursday night about the “detrimental effect” an indictment of former president Donald Trump might have. Smith was giving a NewsNation interview with Chris Cuomo when he made his remarks.

A Truth Social post from Trump on Thursday night revealed that he had been indicted for the alleged improper handling of over 300 secret papers. Trump claimed that his lawyers had been told of the charge and that he had been ordered to appear at the Federal Courthouse in Miami on June 13. 

At least seven charges have been allegedly included in the indictment, with ABC News reporting that they include conspiracy to a plot to conceal misleading statements and representations and deliberate retention of national defense material.

Smith claimed the indictment would be much worse for Democrats because the charge had little effect on Trump supporters.

Smith observed that the average voter in the United States would ask if, ultimately, Trump would end up in jail. Is the DOJ going to stop him from seeking the presidency? 

Most people, Smith said, will tell you no; it will be much ado about nothing. He noted that Trump had already been impeached twice in the past, yet he continues to survive.

He also noted that most pundits have made it clear to the audience that Trump can be indicted, placed in jail, and still be a presidential candidate. 

Smith asked if the Democrats were going to beat him or not. He reminded everyone that he was already defeated once, denied he lost legitimately, and is still around saying the election was rigged and he’s still viable.

Chris Cuomo, the host, then admitted that Trump had not yet been “nailed” and asked Smith’s opinion on what the effect of the indictment would ultimately be.

Smith said the indictment would have a “detrimental effect” because Democrats would be “blamed” for it.

He also said that Trump has more lives than a cat.