Woman Sues Surgeons Who Performed Trans Operation

According to a report, a woman who self-diagnosed her gender dysphoria as an adolescent is suing a pair of Wisconsin doctors who excised her breasts and uterus without her permission.

The Dane County Circuit Court action named Jay Lick, Katherine Gast, and UW Hospital.

The 23-year-old had her uterus removed by Lick at 19 and her double mastectomy by Gast at 21. Both operations were “gender-affirming,” the complaint said.

The complaint claims she self-identified as having gender dysphoria in her late teenage years but was not independently diagnosed by physicians.

The suit claims physicians committed malpractice, failed to get informed permission, Affordable Care Act discrimination, hospital negligence, and denial of benefits and treatment to a non-transgender woman.

According to her claim, she identified as gay and subsequently nonbinary to heal from childhood psychiatric trauma. She escaped her residence and was later diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

The lawsuit claims that the lady sought medical attention from Dr. Lick after experiencing vaginal bleeding while taking testosterone.

According to the lawsuit, Lick offered a hysterectomy without verifying her gender dysphoria or outlining the risks and then went ahead and conducted the operation, classifying it as gender-affirming.

After realizing that childhood trauma, not her biological sex, was the source of her mental discomfort, she ceased using testosterone a year ago and started the detransition process, according to a report.

The claim says that the woman, who is Jewish, is now regretful she isn’t capable of naturally having a big family as is typical in her cultural background.

In May, the New York Times published an article that brushed off the experiences of those who had ‘transgender’ procedures done on them when they were young.

It stated that Republicans had given more voice to anti-‘transgender’ campaigners despite protests from the trans community and medical professionals.

Self-identified feminist and women’s rights activist Kara Dansky was critical of the New York Times piece on X.

She said that the Times portrayed detransitioning as extremely rare. They failed to mention that the ‘Detrans Subreddit’ now has over 47,000 subscribers.

Because an open dialogue would disprove their narrative, mainstream media sources like the New York Times have framed this debate as pitting the horrible Christian Right against a minuscule, vulnerable minority.