Veteran Attacked While Walking Gives Stunning Testimony

A retired Navy officer was walking his dog near a park in Philadelphia last week when he was ambushed, severely beaten, robbed, and left with brain damage and at least 100 stitches.

The sixty-two-year-old Scott Harris claims he was walking Nora, his dog, in the Brewerytown section of the city at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday when he came across a throng congregating at a nearby park.

Harris said he “blacked out” after walking too close to a huge party. “In retrospect, I definitely shouldn’t have gone near that,” he said.

At least one individual struck Harris from behind as he passed through the crowd, knocking him unconscious and taking his wallet, authorities said.

“Unfortunately, my mother’s driver’s license was the only item I truly cared about in that wallet,” Harris told the newspaper. About ten years ago, she died.

“That was one way I kept her near, and now I have nothing,” the victim of the savage said.

A number of bystanders were seen on surveillance footage taking Harris and Nora back to Harris’ apartment after the incident, where his partner was waiting for them.

What would have occurred if they hadn’t brought him back, said Joseph Hurchick. We were sitting on the porch, and he was bleeding heavily; I called 911 but couldn’t tell them whether or not he had been stabbed.

Harris spent three days in a nearby hospital getting treatment for his injuries after the assault.
The doctor stated he counted to 100 stitches before he gave up. Harris has spent considerable time serving abroad, but his tours were boring compared to his stroll this past weekend.

He did not expect anything like this to happen in his neighborhood, so he stated, “I spent a year in a conflict zone in Iraq, did two years in Ukraine.”

The retired commander from Ukraine adopted Nora.

The publication claims that Harris and Hurchick have often protested to Philadelphia authorities about the enormous gatherings held in the park but that nothing has been done to address the issue.

It might have been much worse, but this is what occurs when things aren’t policed, Hurchick added. “A murder is the only way to end this.”