Trump Slams Megyn Kelly As ‘Nasty’ After Interview

While the 2024 United States presidential election remains over a calendar year away, both major political parties have worked to generate a heightened focus on the contest. Indeed, the second Republican presidential primary debate is scheduled to occur on September 27th at the Reagan presidential library. While a crowded cluster of candidates will grapple for dominance on the stage, the party frontrunner, the former president Donald Trump will not be in attendance. Trump, who holds a 40-point lead over his nearest challenger in most polls, has skipped every GOP debate thus far. The incumbent President Joe Biden, although vulnerable and overwhelmingly unpopular, also remains his party’s clear frontrunner for the presidential nomination and only faces token opposition within his own party. In the divisive and polarized contemporary era of politics in America, many citizens are deeply troubled about the future battle for the White House.

In a recent statement, Trump bashed Megyn Kelly, a conservative talk-show host. Trump has a long history of disliking Kelly; this animosity began when he first ran for president in 2016. Trump told supporters at a rally in Iowa that he believed Kelly was nasty while interviewing him in a recent sit-down between her and himself. Trumps biggest reasons to back up this “claim” of nastiness were because Kelly questioned him on his handling of classified documents. Trump currently faces four criminal indictments, and one of the indictments is directly related to his handling of classified documents after his term as president ended.

Kelly and Trump famously clashed in 2015 during the Republican primary debates when she attempted to attack Trump for his “misogynistic” comments made about women he disliked. At the time, Kelly was employed by Fox. Kelly ceased employment with the media network several years ago and launched her own YouTube show and podcast. She had recently claimed that her and Trump were on amicable terms, but this may not be the case.