Shutdown Risk Increases As McCarthy’s Spending Agenda Fails

According to reports, Republican rebels stopped a procedural vote on military spending for the third time, increasing the likelihood of a government shutdown within the next ten days. U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had tried to resume his stalled spending program.

Six Conservative Republicans helped swing the vote in the House, which narrowly rejected starting discussion on a $886 billion military budget measure.

Late Wednesday, McCarthy claimed Republicans were “very close” to agreeing on a continuing resolution to finance government operations for the next several months.

Republicans left the vote open for over half an hour when it was meant to last five minutes, intending to gain support for the plan.

A report shows Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee in 2024, added to McCarthy’s distractions by calling for a government shutdown.

The former president said on his Truth Social platform that Republicans can and should defund all components of Biden’s weaponized government, which refuses to seal the Border and regards half of the nation as enemies of the State.

Republican hardliners oppose the party’s spending plan because they want guarantees that spending in fiscal year 2024 won’t go beyond a $2.07 trillion top line, 120 billion dollars below what Biden and McCarthy agreed on in May.

A report shows House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the Republican majority passed four budget measures with almost unanimous support on Tuesday, but the fight to avoid a shutdown continues.

All four bills were approved for consideration in the House of Representatives, but that doesn’t mean they’ll all pass. According to a report, several Republicans have already voiced opposition to parts of each legislation, and leadership hopes to win them over by allowing hundreds of amendment votes.

These four measures would fund the State, Defense, Agriculture, and Homeland Security budgets.

A report shows that the Senate approved a short-term budget deal to finance the government through Nov. 17, which contains billions for Ukraine due to the Russian invasion.

House conservatives have opposed funding Kyiv’s struggle against Russia. They worry the State budget would allow Washington to transfer more money to Kyiv.