Ron DeSantis Is Going To War Over Bud Light

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has not formally announced his candidacy for president, but it appears he will pursue a full-scale culture war during his likely campaign. He has been fighting The Walt Disney Company, a major employer in his area, for a long time. Recently, he has threatened to build a rival theme park or a prison near Walt Disney World. 

DeSantis has joined the growing effort to boycott Bud Light due to the recent social media promotion of transgender star Dylan Mulvaney. While others on the Republican side, such as Donald Trump Jr. and the major Congressional campaign organization for the Republicans, had begged for the boycott to end.

DeSantis made his massive push more than two weeks after the Bud Light boycott narrative initially started. The timing of DeSantis’s decision was convenient, as it came as several Democrats were urging an end to the boycott. 

This week, Florida’s governor was interviewed by prominent conservative Benny Johnson, who brought up the boycott during their talk. 

DeSantis asked why anyone would want to drink Bud Light?” He said the company is rubbing it in our faces with the Dylan Mulvaney choice. He said it appears that companies that behave this way never face any form of backlash, so they keep doing it.

Accordingly, DeSantis thinks as consumers, we have the power to make our voices heard, but perhaps not with every company, as there are times when conservative customers won’t be able to make a dent with a boycott. 

While DeSantis and Johnson were perusing a supermarket’s beer section, DeSantis said he would never drink Bud Light again. He elaborated on his preference for Guinness Stout. 

The 19FortyFive website has noted that the out-and-proud homosexual Welsh rugby ace Gareth Thomas participated in a Guinness commercial in 2016. One can assume that DeSantis is unaware.