Brazilian Soccer Legend Romario Makes Professional Comeback at 58

Brazilian football icon Romario Faria has shocked everyone by returning to the professional game at the age of 58. After retiring in 2009, Romario’s surprise comeback to the sport has amazed fans all around the globe.

The 58-year-old was instrumental in Brazil’s 1994 World Cup triumph and was named the tournament’s most valuable player after scoring five goals. He went on to play for Vasco de Gama, Flamengo, PSV Eindhoven, Barcelona, and PSV Eindhoven until retiring fifteen years ago.

The icon’s relationships with beautiful women have brought him widespread notice.

The Brazilian superstar scored over a thousand goals—including goals in friendly matches—during his extraordinary career.

Romario is now an official member of America Football Club after completing the necessary registration steps. In addition to being the president of America Football Club, he has also been approved to play football by the federation of Rio de Janeiro.

Despite his legendary status in the football world, Romario has made the unusual decision to earn minimum salary from his comeback to the sport.

What’s more inspiring is his selfless decision to give away all of his money.

Romario made it plain on his official Instagram account that competing in the tournament isn’t his aim, but rather the realization of a lifelong ambition to play with his kid.

At Rio de Janeiro’s second-tier team America-RJ, the former striker serves as president. Romarinho, his son and a player for the club, is 30 years old. Romario has stated his desire to play with the two of them. He said that the chance to play with his kid was the main reason he decided to start playing again. That is a common objective among athletes. When next year’s NBA season rolls around, LeBron James will jump at the chance to play on the same team as his son.

Joining a club training session on Thursday, Romario is getting ready for America’s first league match on May 18.