MTG Calls For Biden Official’s Salary To Be Cut To $1

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has proposed reducing Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s salary to $1 per year on the grounds that he has failed in his duties and is endangering American national security.

A report shows Greene said that her salary reduction amendment had been submitted to H.R. 4365, the military spending measure for 2024. She wrote on X that the amendment she proposed was scheduled to be voted on the House floor soon.

However, it did not happen.

On September 13, a vote to go forward with the budget plan was set, but it was postponed due to persistent Republican disagreements in the House. As Speaker Kevin McCarthy works to approve funding legislation, prevent a shutdown, and save his job, he faces resistance from the Freedom Caucus and other Republican hardliners.

A short-term financing bill to prevent a shutdown of the government for a month was suggested, but House Speaker Kevin McCarthy indicated that he is doubtful whether it would have enough votes to succeed.

Republicans from each side of the issue proposed a continuing resolution to finance the government through October 31. This measure would slash funding for domestic agencies by 8%, with the exception of the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and legislation addressing border security and enforcing immigration laws.

Reports indicate it is unlikely to pass the Democrat-controlled Senate since it does not contain certain critical sticking issues, such as $24 billion more in assistance for Ukraine, something most conservative Republicans reject.

As more conservative Republicans speak out against the agreement, its passage in the Republican-controlled House is far from assured.

On Monday, Indiana Republican Rep. Victoria Spartz criticized Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as “weak” because of the GOP’s reluctance to unite behind his proposed continuing resolution.

Spartz wrote on X that the corrupt swamp is bankrupting our children, and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have the guts to oppose it. If they could see how this institution is selling out our Republic for partisan gain, our founding fathers would turn in their graves, and our children would be embarrassed by yet another useless Congress.