Lauren Boebert Apologizes After Misbehaving In Public

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert has apologized after she was removed from a musical show in Denver on September 10 for behaving inappropriately.

Video from the closed circuit TV feed was released recently, and it showed Boebert being removed from the performance with a male guest. Boebert was accused of vaping inside during the performance, but at first she denied that she did that, saying instead that she was removed from the performance for being too loud and singing along with the musical.

However, the CCTV footage clearly showed her vaping in her seat. She and her male guest were also shown groping each other while they were in their seats.

This week, Boebert apologized for her actions, saying the entire experience has been “difficult and humbling.”

The New York Post reported that Boebert was confronted during the performance by a pregnant woman, who asked the firebrand congresswoman to not vape. Boebert, though, refused the request.
The woman, who remained anonymous, told the Post:

“These people in front of us were outrageous. I’ve never seen anyone act like that before.”

Security eventually removed Boebert and her male guest during the show’s second act over what they called disruptive behavior. The footage from the CCTV feed showed that Boebert flashed a gesture that was blurred out. Apparently, she was giving them the middle finger, according to Business Insider.

Theater security issued a report that said that Boebert and the male guest were argumentative when they were confronted by security. The report that they gave after the incident said that Boebert asked them:

“Do you know who I am?”

Last Friday night, after footage of her actions was released to the media, Boebert apologized, saying:

“The past few days have been difficult and humbling, and I’m truly sorry for the unwanted attention my Sunday evening in Denver has brought to the community.”

She added that her public and difficult divorce” created a “challenging personal time for me and my entire family.”

Boebert continued:

“I’ve tried to handle it with strength and grace as best I can, but I simply fell short of my values on Sunday.”

Boebert filed for divorce in May from her husband Jayson, who she was married to for a while.

The congresswoman has been getting a lot of flack recently not just for getting kicked out of the performance but for initially denying the reasons for it. When news of her removal was first released to the public – but before the CCTV footage was revealed – she posted on the social media platform X:

“[I plead] guilty to laughing and singing too loud!”

Boebert is a firebrand and is considered one of the most far-right lawmakers in Congress. She narrowly defeated her Democratic challenger during last year’s midterm elections, and she is bound to face off in another tight fight in her re-election bid in 2024.

That makes her public persona even the more important, as she has attracted many detractors already for her political viewpoints and policies.