Hillary Clinton Throws Full Support Behind Biden

Last week, 2016 Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton sang Joe Biden’s praises and proclaimed herself “all in” on his reelection, The Hill reported.

While appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” last Thursday, the former Secretary of State said she was “very impressed” with the accomplishments the Biden team has achieved and said she was “all in” on reelecting people “who got things done,” adding that this is what the country needs.

When asked about concerns over Joe Biden’s advanced age, Mrs. Clinton said the question of Biden’s age is “legitimate,” but added the conclusion people draw from it is “off base.”

She explained that she is supporting Biden and Harris in 2024 because of what they accomplished in the first term and said she likes to see politicians who “tackle big problems” while bringing people together and forging solutions.

Mrs. Clinton touted the Biden administration’s legislative successes, including the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the administration’s climate change push, and its efforts to lower drug prices.

She said she’s happy that bridges, roads, and the rest of US infrastructure are being fixed and is thrilled that US manufacturing will be able to “compete with China” while making the “transition to clean energy as quickly as we possibly can.”

She said her response to the suggestion that Biden is too old is to say, “Look at what he’s gotten done.” She said if Biden’s accomplishments aren’t enough, voters should “look at the alternative.”

In an attempt to downplay Biden’s age, Mrs. Clinton revealed that she visited the White House two days earlier and met with President Biden and the First Lady and said she loved their “energy,” “commitment,” and “determination.”

A recent CBS poll found that 78 percent of voters are concerned that politicians over 75 would not be able to perform their duties. A majority of voters, 53 percent, believe that the job of president is too demanding for someone over 75.