Democrats Turn On Governor Over Unconstitutional Move

Democrats are criticizing New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham for temporarily restricting concealed and open carry throughout Albuquerque in response to a public health emergency.
Reports show that on September 8, Lujan Grisham announced a 30-day moratorium on concealed and open carry in Bernalillo County. The gunshot deaths of three children in as many months prompted the statement.

California Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu has come out in favor of stricter gun control measures. But this directive from New Mexico’s governor goes against federal law. Not one of the 50 states may defy the federal Constitution. The Constitution of the United States does not include an exemption for state public health emergencies.

Far-left anti-gun activist David Hogg replied in agreement to Lieu’s claim that the order violates the Constitution and added that Lujan Grisham’s justification for the interim ban does not make sense.

Second Amendment organizations have also filed lawsuits against the New Mexico governor, with the head of the National Association for Gun Rights claiming that Lujan Grisham is flipping the middle finger at the Constitution.

According to a report, the NRA blasted the decision as disturbing and urged the state’s governor to work on weak criminal policies to solve trends in criminal activity rather than outlawing weapons.

There have been protests against the health directive and lawsuits filed against the Governor.

The governor’s ban on open and concealed carry of firearms was temporarily blocked recently when Judge David Urias sided in court with gun owners and issued a temporary restraining order.

The governor announced revisions to the health order, saying that New Mexico will narrow the ban on open and concealed carry in Bernalillo County. The governor has said that the restriction would only apply to public playgrounds and parks. She also stated that a legislative session to combat crime is not something the governor intends to do at this time.