Children Dead & Hospitalized by Drugs at Day Care In Big City

In contemporary America, things are dicey. The nation is completely polarized and divided at a cultural and political level. Paired with this, the general public continues to grapple with serious economic issues. In 2022, inflation levels reached 40-year highs, at levels not witnessed since Jimmy Carter was president. Wages continue to stagnate and in many cases dimmish due to the skyrocketing cost of living. Millions of illegal migrants are estimated to have entered the nation over the last several years of the Biden presidency, competing directly with low income Americans and further undercutting wages. In classrooms and schoolhouses in Democrat-controlled states, parents are fighting to maintain control over their own children as radical ideologies permeate curriculums and state governments challenge parental authority. Overall, things are not all “peaches and cream” in the land that was once free.

In urban centers across America, crime levels continue to be a cause of concern. While levels of homicide and other violent crimes have decreased in 2023, national levels still remain above pre-pandemic levels. In New York City, issues surrounding crime, a rising homeless population and an influx of migrants are major issues for locals. But in an unforeseen and downright scary occurrence, a 1 year old child died after being exposed to opiates at an in residence daycare.

On Friday, September 14th, police were called at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon from a day care center. Three children were reported to be unresponsive and unconscious. On arrival at the scene, a one year old boy, two year old boy, and an 8-month old girl were found to be unconscious. After a thorough investigation, it was revealed that the children were exposed to high levels of opioids over a presumed lengthy period of time. It goes without saying that it is extremely troubling that drugs of this nature were near children in an environment that was supposed to be safe, nurturing, and secure.