American Children Pay Price For Growing Migrant Crisis

According to a report, New York City’s poor response to the flood of illegal immigrants is having a negative impact on the lives of American children.

Due to the influx of migrant children, 21,000 New York City schoolchildren were denied admission when classes resumed. Media reports showed a queue of students waiting to enter a Long Island City high school wrapped around the building.

Blaze reporter Sara Gonzales sarcastically reported on the X platform that a fifteen-year-old illegal immigrant from Venezuela stated he was thrilled for the first day of high school. She explained that it is not thrilling if you’re an American child in New York City who is being uprooted by illegals.

Podcaster Eric July pointed out that most individuals who think immigration won’t affect the nation don’t know that America has a limited amount of room. They seldom consider the potential for actual long-term problems, including cultural problems and intercultural conflict, that this may and often does cause.

Gonzales argues that critics of July’s view are failing to consider that the people who have been born and raised in the United States are the ones in desperate need of compassion.

Reports also show a crime wave committed by illegal immigrants.

An illegal immigrant was reportedly freed from detention after being apprehended for his involvement with a stabbing early this year and then was accused of murder shortly after his release.

According to a report, Carlos Corrales-Ramirez, 20, was detained by U.S. Border Patrol agents in Clinton County, New York, in March due to a lack of proper documents. Ramirez was sought for questioning in connection with a stabbing in Maryland. A store was the scene of a stabbing in February.

The report shows that after Maryland failed to get a governor’s warrant to extradite Corrales-Ramirez, the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office released him, according to police in Laurel, Maryland, who spoke with local media.