Woman With Last Name “Trump” Not Related To Donald Labeled A “Security Risk” 

(PatrioticPost.com)- The executive director of a college First Amendment nonprofit group found out last week that taking her husband’s surname “Trump” came with an unexpected cost, according to the Washington Free Beacon. 

Cherise Trump, the executive director of Speech First, is not related to Donald Trump but has often been asked if she is ever since she took her husband’s last name in 2017. But in the nearly two years she’s been speaking on college campuses, Cherise has never been confronted by protesters who assume she is related to the former president. 

Despite the lack of protests, however, when Young Conservatives of Texas invited Charise to speak at Trinity University last month, the university asked her to purchase event insurance in case of any protesters turn violent. 

The university’s director of risk management, Jennifer Adamo, emailed the student organizers last week warning them that Ms. Trump’s famous last name posed an “elevated risk” since there is the “potential” of some people believing Cherise is related to the former president. 

Adamo told Speech First to purchase special liability insurance before Trump’s March 3 appearance at Trinity. 

While Cherise paid for the $76 insurance plan, she called the school’s request, “ridiculous.” She told the Free Beacon that rather than “fostering a campus environment” in which students are encouraged to hear “differing ideas” without the threat of violence, Trinity is coddling and shielding its students from “opposing viewpoints.” 

Trinity University spokeswoman Carla Sierra told the Free Beacon that the university only asked Speech First to buy liability insurance because when the group was asked on the application form if there were any risks associated with the event, Young Conservatives of Texas answered “protests”. 

However, Young Conservatives of Texas also said on the form that there was no likelihood that Trump’s talk could prompt violence, the Free Beacon reported. 

Ellis Jacoby, the president of Young Conservatives of Texas, told the Free Beacon that the only reason he entered “protests” was that the form required him to include at least one risk.