Trump Attends Rallies in Swing States on Day Off From Court

While Former President Donald Trump is currently facing convictions from his ongoing business fraud trial in Manhattan, he has taken no days by still showing up to host rallies on behalf of his 2024 presidential campaign. Recently, Trump has hit two swing states back-to-back to promise voters that he isn’t going anywhere.

Currently, Donald Trump is involved in a business fraud case in New York which stems from accusations that he paid off adult film star Stormy Daniels to silence negative claims that the two had an affair before his 2016 election. Many witnesses have described Trump as being lethargic, irritated, and even sleepy, during his court proceedings. However, that is not the case in the multiple stages he has spoken from during his recent rallies.

This Wednesday, Trump seemed energized and ready for a political battle at his rally outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Trump regularly spoke of similar themes in front of the audience, ranging from topics of a weaponized justice system formed against him, immigration policies, economic issues, and of course his distaste for rival Democratic opponent President Joe Biden. Due to derogatory comments on his fraud case, Trump was fined $9,000, for violating the gag order placed against him by New York judge Juan Merchan. Trump went on to inform his audience that his poll numbers are still higher than Biden’s, despite the ongoing trial.

At the rallies, many of Trump’s supporters claim that he is being treated unfairly in his case and that this mistreatment would only benefit Trump’s rising poll numbers. “It’s free publicity” one fan named Jerry Cleppe stated to the press while waiting outside the rally event. Trump also spoke on the pro-Palestinian protest groups outside of American colleges by stating that the NYPD did a “great job” by securing a building on the campus of Columbia University. Trump was scheduled to be back in court this past week following his rallies.