Biden Refers to Trump as ‘That Loser’ in APAICS Gala Speech

Trump, the likely Republican candidate, was branded a “loser” by President Joe Biden on Tuesday, who also made light of Trump’s response to the COVID outbreak.

An annual awards ceremony in Washington for the Asian-Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies was the setting for Biden’s criticisms.

In his address, Biden criticized Trump for poisoning a bipartisan border deal earlier this year, which had the backing of even conservatives who were initially opposed. Biden urged Republicans to “act” on the measure.

Both the House and the Senate have shown their support for the bipartisan plan except “that loser,” Biden said, addressing the likely Republican presidential candidate.

As the audience erupted in laughter, Biden paused for a moment, enjoying his quip.

In 2020, Trump openly wondered whether disinfection could effectively rid the body of COVID-19. This was speculation based on Israeli research. Biden has since distorted the comment to say that Trump said people should inject “bleach erroneously.” Low-information listeners repeat the lie.

According to many sources, Biden has been personally steering a plan in which he is increasingly going on the attack against Trump, bringing up issues like his weight and financial problems.

It’s a risky ploy since Biden lives in a virtual glass house.

For Biden, Trump’s comments on COVID-19 have been a recurring topic, and Tuesday was no exception. Biden, once again, repeated the thoroughly debunked remark that Trump said to inject “bleach.”

In fact, nowhere in any internet search does Trump mention “bleach.”

In his remarks, Biden actually says, “Those were his ‘exact words” when he spreads the misinformation. Biden then added that it would have been a good idea if Trump personally injected bleach, crossing a line from “funny” to wishing for Trump’s death.

Many times in the past, Biden has wished he could “take Trump behind the gymnasium” and beat him up.