Australian Man Accidentally Shoots Himself With Handmade Gun

A Melbourne Australia man finds himself in the hospital after apparently shooting himself with his own gun. However, it was not a firearm he purchased through a gun store with legal documents, but a homemade handgun. It seems as though the man had miscalculated his creation, as well as his trajectory.

The incident occurred this Monday in Dandenong, Australia, a town just southeast of Melbourne. Local authorities found a 37-year-old man alone with a gunshot wound inside an alleyway on Scott Street in Dandenong, just around 1:15 in the morning.

A Victoria Police spokesperson informed Melbourne media outlet the Herald Sun, that they believed the man accidentally shot himself with his firearm. Victoria Police confirmed to the tabloid press that a homemade firearm was found at the scene of the incident.

The unnamed Dandenong man was immediately rushed to a local hospital. Authorities confirmed that the man’s injuries were non-life threatening. Police have established a crime scene in the Scott Street alley, with an ongoing investigation underway. Authorities are focused on finding out the circumstances surrounding the situation and are urging anyone with any information regarding the shooting to contact local police or crime stoppers immediately.

It is unclear why the individual had a homemade gun, nor is there any clear reason as to what he had intended to do with the firearm in his possesion.

Accidentally discharging a gun can be a sign of a lack of knowledge on operating a firearm. With the gun being homemade, that means there could have been manufacturing faults while the handler had designed it.

Homemade guns however are not entirely uncommon in countries like Australia, which have extremely strict gun owner regulations. Many homemade guns come from modern technology such as 3D printing, where practically anything designed can be created through the printer. Ghost guns are also a common form of building guns that pass under authorities without legal serial numbers.