Trump Says RFK Jr. ‘Much Better Than Biden’ in Truth Social Video

The United States remains a country without direction, lost within a polarized, tense national environment. The domestic economy remains volatile, and cultural battles rage in classrooms across the nation as parental rights are threatened in several states by an overbearing hand of government. Inflation brought about by reckless government spending remains at record levels, and millions of illegal migrants have crossed the southern border since President Biden took office in January 2021. Despite all this, a top Democrat and arguably the spiritual leader of the far-left party, Bernie Sanders, has predicted that Biden is in position to win re-election in 2024 should he run on a progressive platform.

The veteran senator from Vermont stated that he believes that the sitting president is in line to earn the Democratic partisan nomination for the presidency, and that should he position himself as a far-left progressive (in the same style in which he has governed to date), he would likely win re-election. Sanders says that the former 45th President Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, must be prevented from regaining office at all costs. Sanders often calls himself a democratic-socialist, and his brand of far-left progressive politics has become the mainstream agenda of what was once a moderate-center left democratic party as recently as during the early years of the Obama presidency. Despite the rhetoric, Biden is vulnerable; his approval rating dropped to 39% in a most recent poll taken by the left leaning media network CNN. 61% of individuals polled disapprove of his performance as president, and only 26% believe he possesses the cognitive stamina required for the office.

Recently, Trump posted on Truth Social, stating that he believes that Robert Kennedy Jr. is a far superior leftist alternative to President Biden. Kennedy Jr. is currently running as an independent. It remains to be seen if Kennedy will hurt Biden or Trump in the general election, but he will certainly impact the race.