WH Admits To Leaking Identities Of US Special Forces

The Joe Biden administration admitted on Thursday that they had made a mistake when they tweeted a photo of the President of the United States shaking hands with members of the United States Army’s top Special Forces unit stationed in Israel. The image also included clear shots of the men’s faces.

In an interview with Fox News, a White House spokesman apologized for the mix-up and added that they swiftly deleted the photo as soon as it was brought to their attention.

The administration said they regret the mistake and “any inconvenience” this may have caused.

A photo of four special forces soldiers shaking hands with President Joe Biden was posted to the official White House Instagram account late Wednesday night. When President Biden was in Israel, Israel was in the thick of its fight with Hamas.

President Biden met with first responders to praise them for their bravery and their job in response to the Hamas terrorist strikes, according to the statement that was put below the image.

The message was removed after gaining hundreds of thousands of views in less than an hour after being posted.

The Department of Defense routinely blurs the faces of members of top U.S. military groups from official images. This is done to protect the troops’ identities and operational secrecy.

Republicans are incredibly disappointed; some have even called the White House incompetent because of this mistake.

Alec Sears, a member of the Republican National Committee, poked fun at an error made by the White House on X, noting that when “the adults are in charge,” our most elite fighting forces in the Middle East get doxxed.

The amount of blunders made by the Biden administration is astounding, but if you read leftwing media, you would never know it.