Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Have January 6th Tapes As Previously Thought 

(PatrioticPost.com)- Reports from the media and the McCarthy camp that over 41,000 hours of never-before-seen security footage had been handed over to be exclusively combed by Tucker Carlson’s news team were proven false.  

Tucker Carlson does not “possess” any exclusive videos from the US Capitol’s J6 demonstrations.  

Some of McCarthy’s detractors are now demanding a motion to vacate be used to oust him from the speaker position since he broke his commitment and continued to conceal evidence that might exonerate J6 detainees and reveal the true aggressors during his campaign for Speaker of the House. 

Recent information states that Fox News, led by Carlson, can watch footage on a computer in the US Capitol. There hasn’t been any confirmation that they’ll be permitted to share what they see with the public. 

These constraints make it very unlikely that Carlson’s team will be able to see tens of thousands of hours of surveillance video, much alone report and disseminate it all to the public. 

It was generally assumed that McCarthy had delivered the tape to Carlson so that Fox News executives could monitor and regulate its dissemination to not too severely compromise the accepted swamp narrative. 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, seeing McCarthy under criticism from the American people, quickly began gaslighting the public, stating that McCarthy was going to release the footage to the great unwashed. 

Some J6 footage captured by individuals and journalists and official films made public demonstrate the violence of the DC Police Department and the Capitol police on the day of the rallies. 

A series of recordings at the Capitol, in which police officers not only acknowledge to deploying “blast munitions” against “innocent” protestors but also being responsible for setting off the day’s violence, has been uploaded to various social media platforms. 

Another video shot by a bike cop shows a group of guys with guns being halted by police on their approach to the US Capitol building, at which point they produce official-looking IDs from the federal government and are allowed to go. 

More footage like this could help reveal the truth about what happened that day. So far, we’ve seen a carefully cultivated narrative from one side of the aisle.