Zombie’ Cicadas Infected with Bizzare STD Set to Emerge in US

In the age of online shopping, booming e-commerce and fast shipping, delivery drivers are often overworked and underpaid. Since the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020, internet consumer sales have grown at a staggering percentage. Since 2019, online sales have grown over 50%, and in some categories, such as furniture, building materials and electronics, sales cumulatively rose over 200%. Even basic necessities like food are now being purchased on the web, with grocery commerce growing 170% in the same time frame. The American internet commerce giant Amazon is a pioneer in shipping and distribution services, offering extremely fast shipping speeds. Operating an extensive network of warehouses and distribution hubs across the nation, the company employs thousands of drivers who often work long hours under significant stress.

Regardless, at any company, the profession of delivery distribution almost always requires lengthy hours and provides challenges on the job every day. One individual is receiving acclaim from media organizations after going above and beyond the ordinary call of duty at his job, killing a rattlesnake outside a customer’s residence.

In a viral video sourced from a doorbell camera, a FedEx Driver named Matt Govier encountered an angry rattlesnake positioned at the corner of a residence’s front door. The snake arrived at the home minutes before the Nebraskan stopped to deliver a package. Govier then skillfully removed the snake from the porch with a shovel and proceeded to the front lawn, terminating the snake. The homeowner nominated Glover for “employee of the year”.

Rattlesnakes may not be the only threat to homeowners this year. In a recent report, “zombie” cicadas are apparently on the rise in the United States. Allegedly, scientists claim that a sexually transmitted fungal disease between cicadas is spreading and may soon be present in the United States. The fungus appears white like chalk, which then spreads and destroys the insect’s reproductive parts before eventually reaching the brain. The development is scary.