Mitt Romney Believes Trump is Guilty in Hush Money Trial

Utah Senator Mitt Romney weighed in his verdict on former president Donald Trump’s innocence claiming the former president is completely guilty in his infamous business fraud trial. In an interview with CNN, Mitt Romney explained that many people already have a good assessment of Trump’s character and that he doesn’t believe that you, “pay someone $130,000 not to have sex with you.”

The $130,000 in question stems as far back as Trump’s initial 2015 announcement of running for president. Allegations surrounding Trump indicate that the former president provided reimbursement payments following initial payments made to his former attorney, Micahel Cohen, in return for keeping people such as Stormy Daniels from spreading negative stories about Trump during his candidacy.

These negative stories come from the accusations that Trump had an alleged affair with Stormy Daniels, an adult film star. A “heads-up” of the then-new scandal of Trump and Daniels came to attorney Micahel Cohen from the National Enquirer tabloid magazine. Following this, Cohen arranged a payment of $130,000 to Daniels to keep her quiet about the said controversy.

All of this scandal and the majority of its characters have landed right into Trump’s current business fraud trial, where the former president is facing 34 counts in the first degree of falsifying business documents that contain the infamous Stormy Daniels controversy. Former publisher for the National Enquirer David Pecker was the first to testify against Trump in his trial, claiming that his company at the time was instructed to use seek and destroy tactics to help clever up any other negative stories about Donald Trump at the time.

Stormy Daniels however is not the only person to have had their silence bought to protect Trump during that time. A former Trump Tower doorman also had negative information that Trump had a child out of wedlock with Playboy model Karen McDougal, in which Pecker had bought his silence as well.