92-Year-Old Widow Refuses to Sell House to Major Golf Club Despite Repeat Offers

A modest property on Stanley Road, next to the world-famous Masters golf course, has received numerous offers from buyers, but the family has declined all of them.

Near the border with South Carolina, in Augusta, Georgia, the Augusta National Golf Club has purchased over 270 acres of property to surround its world-famous course. Club officials find the 1,900 square foot, modest three-bedroom house across from Gate 6-A unappealing, yet it has always stood out.

Robin Thacker Rinder, a member of the Thacker family, says that her mom still resides in the house and that the family still owns it. Elizabeth, now 92 years old, is the only inhabitant of the house as her husband, Herman, died in 2019 at 86.

The $330,000 appraisal of the house doesn’t take into account the one-story property’s unrivaled allure for golfers.

This home, which sits on a tiny plot of land (just over two-thirds of an acre), is near the spring tournament venue frequented by the world’s best golfers. Picture after picture of Rinder and her friends enjoying the event on social media shows they have made the most of their fantastic location. An Augusta National official who expresses interest still visits the property occasionally. Still, she and her mother have decided not to sell.

Augusta National Golf Club has spent nine figures on over a hundred properties covering 270 acres since 1999, according to an analysis in the Wall Street Journal. The acquisitions totaled $200 million and boosted the golf club’s land area by 75%. Many locals became quite wealthy.

Much of the land purchased has become a parking lot to accommodate the yearly visitors for the prestigious “major” golf tournament each spring.

The Thackers have appreciated the club’s kind offerings but have no desire to leave their current location—a smaller home sold for over a million dollars on the same street.

Elizabeth repeated what was said in 2016, that money is not everything, echoing her husband’s views.