North Korea Planning to Launch Spy Satellites This Year

Over the last several years and months, the United States has appeared to be a nation on a serious decline. While the holiday of Easter was celebrated on March 31st, 2024 and appeared to be a joyful celebration by Christians on the most holy day of the year for those of the faith which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the truth of the matter is that the state of affairs within the nation and across the world are poor. Since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been in utter turmoil. The American Federal government has been led by the weak and incompetent President Joseph R. Biden who continues to exacerbate the nation’s problems with each passing day that he fails to act upon them. Millions of illegal migrants have entered the nation illegally since he began his term of service in January of 2021 and tens of thousands more continue to arrive by the day.

As this continues, war rages overseas. Ukraine and Russia remain engulfed in a bitter sectional conflict in the eastern region of Europe, and Israel and Hamas continue to battle one another in the Gaza strip of the middle east. Instability appears to be the hallmark trait of the world in every regard, and as the presidential election of 2024 fast approaches in the domestic United States it appears that tensions within the country will continue to rise as a 2020 rematch between the former 45th President Donald Trump and the incumbent Biden is all the more likely. Time will only tell what the world will look like in several months.

The communist nation of North Korea recently announced that it seeks to launch several “spy” satellites into orbit in a period of time in the future. America’s adversaries appear increasingly emboldened as the country and the rest of its western allies appear weak, timid and powerless to oppose them in any meaningful way.