Trump Responds Angrily To Journalist Who Covered His 2024 Campaign

( After agreeing to an interview with New York Magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi for her investigative feature on his final campaign for president, former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social to complain about Nuzzi.

In her December 23 piece, “The Final Campaign: Inside Donald Trump’s sad, lonely, thirsty, broken, basically pretend run for reelection,” Nuzzi revealed that a member of the Trump 2024 campaign believes “the magic is gone.”

An irate Trump went on a tirade, lobbing personal attacks against Nuzzi whom he described as “shaky,” “unattractive,” and “dumb as a rock,” and accused her of making up her sources.

So why did he agree to the interview?

He said he agreed to do the telephone interview because New York Magazine was “once very good,” adding that it is now on its “last legs” and “failing.”

He accused Nuzzi of being a “shaky & unattractive wack job” who is known to be “tough” but is “dumb as a rock.”

So why did he agree to let her interview him? Well, because Nuzzi “actually wrote a decent story about me a long time ago.”

In her feature, Nuzzi described the former president as living in near-seclusion at Mar-a-Lago.

A current advisor told Nuzzi that even those in Trump’s inner circle have grown skeptical about his third run for the White House now that members of the Republican Party have increasingly turned their backs on the former president.

An unnamed advisor described in Nuzzi’s piece as someone currently working on Trump’s 2024 campaign, said Trump’s “magic is gone” and “you can’t get it back.”

During an interview with CNN on Monday, Nuzzi said the campaign advisor’s comment confirms that Trump’s “mojo is gone.”

Nuzzi said that is a difficult thing for a campaign that is built on a personality. She said even if the Trump campaign pivoted to running “in a really common sense way,” it wouldn’t help “if the personality it was built around is not really on his game.”