Trump Refuses Claims He Froze for 30 Seconds at Rally

It seems as though Biden supporters are calling out former President Trump for the same mistakes the current President has made in the past. On Saturday, former President Donald Trump spoke at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Dallas, Texas. While on stage, Donald Trump seemingly “froze” for thirty seconds during his speech, an action that President Joe Biden has repeatedly done in the past during similar events, along with misreading teleprompter words as well as many other gaffs.

During Trump’s speech on Saturday, the former president went silent and halted for thirty seconds, following praising the audience members from Texas who showed up seemingly fresh out of work. Trump’s moments of silence led to many of his critics publicly calling the former President out by claiming that Trump “glitched out and froze”.

By the following Monday, Trump fired back at his critics on his social media platform, Truth Social, explaining that his silent pause was for him to listen to the music playing in the venue at the time, which the presumptive Republican presidential nominee claims is a habitual part of his speeches. During Trump’s silence, music could be heard playing in the background of the arena. Trump further elaborated in his social media post accusing Biden’s campaign of misinformation, as well as pointing out the fact that Biden himself has made countless mistakes during speeches before. Democratic content creator Harry Sisson took to his social media to highlight Trump’s pause, claiming the former President was unfit to serve another term.

Before Trump’s pause, he gave thanks to the Texan audience members who he said showed up with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the “gun in their saddle”. Following the silence, Trump continued his speech by stating that America is on a decline, as well as “failing”. Trump continued with his common topic of how America has seen the highest inflation rates in 58 years.