Hollywood Star Mark Hamill Slams Trump Over Vegas Rally Comments

Mark Hamill at the Mark Hamill Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood, CA 03-08-18

Many celebrities have sworn their intolerance for former President Donald Trump since the moment Trump announced his initial run for presidency back in 2015. As part of a very progressive industry, it is understandable that celebrities have a distaste for the upcoming presumptive Republican nominee. Trump’s opposing political peers, even his candidacy challengers have used the marketing strategies of having Hollywood celebrities speak out about the former President for their political gain, even before Trump was originally elected. An example of this is when former First Lady Hilliary Clinton invited Beyonce and Jay-Z on stage with her during Clinton’s 2016 campaign. In modern times, the unfavorableness of Trump amongst famous actors, actresses, and musicians still runs strong. Recently, actor Mark Hamill criticized Donald Trump over social media about comments the former President made during a recent campaign rally in Las Vegas.

On Sunday, Donald Trump held his second campaign rally back from his recent guilty conviction in his Manhattan business fraud trial. Trump spoke to a large crowd of supporters at his rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, which was outside in scorching heat. During his speech to his supporters, the former President jokingly stated that he did not care about his supporters. The context of the joke was made regarding supporters showing up for Trump in dangerous temperatures. Trump exclaimed that he wanted his supporters to stay safe, otherwise, they would not be able to vote for him if something happened to him. Trump went on to state that the votes of his supporters were what he valued most. Trump’s audience laughed along as Trump stated that the media would take what he just said and spin the narrative out of context. 

The clip hit social media and quickly became a dinner feast for many of Trump’s critics. One of those critics is actor Mark Hamill, who took to social media to state that Trump was “accidentally” telling the truth.