Taylor Swift Concert in Edinburgh Triggers Seismic Activity in Area

American singer Taylor Swift performs at her concert in Shanghai, China, 30 May 2014.

Taylor Swift fans are known for their die-hard dedication to their pop superstar queen, showing up by the thousands to every one of Swift’s shows. Better known as “Swifties”, the large number of fans seem to know every word to every Taylor Swift song, singing their hearts out at concerts and going ballistic when their favorite song of hers gets played. Recently, a stadium full of Swifties in Edingburgh, Scotland nearly caused an earthquake as they sang and danced to Swift’s hit song, Shake It Off. 

Seismic monitoring stations nearly 4 miles away from Swift’s concert venue could detect the seismic activity coming from Swift’s show, similar to the way earthquakes are detected. Monitoring stations confirmed that the seismic activity was caused by fans dancing and peaked at 160 bpm at the Edinburgh show. It is reported that the Swifties created nearly 80 kilowatts of power during the song, Ready For It? The monitors even detected a four-minute applause following Swift’s Champagne Problems. 

Swift’s Edinburgh concert marks the start of her UK tour leg, with 17 stops added along the way. On Friday in Edinburgh, 73,000 fans attended Swift’s show, which cheered and danced the loudest of the three shows Swift had performed at that weekend. The Siwfties made the most seismic noise during the three major hits, Cruel Summer, Ready For It?, and Champagne Problems. 

While in the UK, Taylor Swift is currently on a 152-date world tour which is fresh off the release of her newest album, The Tortured Poets Society. Each date is scheduled to have a stadium venue performance that will reach max capacities, given the singer’s status. Swift’s world tour plans to go throughout the summer and end in December generating more than $2 billion in revenue, setting a record as the most lucrative music tour in history. The climax of the concert will be Swift’s record-breaking eight-night stay at Wembley Stadium in London.