Southwest’s Boeing Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Tire Failure

On June 3rd, an airplane tire blew out, forcing a Southwest aircraft to make an emergency landing. On Monday, the Boeing 737-700 completed a forced landing at Denver International Airport, causing passengers to scream and cry out.

According to a statement by the airline, Southwest Flight 225 had to make an emergency landing back in Denver on Monday. A Boeing 737-700 was en route to Phoenix Sky Harbor International.

According to statements made by a passenger to the local media, when the flight attendants informed them that they were going to make an emergency landing, they began to feel a lot of anxiety. There was no doubt that people were sobbing and yelling, and they were attempting to comfort one another. They knew the plane had a deflated tire but didn’t know what the situation was with the landing gear.  She was referring to a loud explosion sound that occurred during takeoff. They began prepping everyone for crash posture, which meant that they were to put their heads between their knees. Additionally, they were instructing the people on the emergency exit row how to unlock the emergency doors and operate the slides if necessary. 

The flight took off from Denver International Airport after 6:30 p.m. on Monday, according to a media outlet. However, Southwest Airlines reported that one of the tires failed soon after takeoff. They arrived back at DIA 45 minutes later. According to Southwest, the airplane landed without any problems and then taxied away off the runway.  

Passengers were able to transfer to a different plane that would take them to Phoenix. Following a second departure from DIA at 10:26 p.m., the jet finally touched down in Arizona at 11 p.m., about three hours and forty-five minutes later than initially planned.

Some passengers shared accounts of their terrifying experiences on social media. Most reviewers, meanwhile, lauded the captain and flight crew for maintaining composure and informing passengers of how to remain safe.

When asked about their flight crew and customers, Southwest Airlines expressed gratitude for the professionalism and patience of both groups.