Trump Gets Major Campaign Advice

Promoting early voting has become an essential strategy for political campaigns in recent years. And now, former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is urging Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, to make a “spectacle” out of early voting in their state. Appearing on Fox Business’s Mornings With Maria, Conway emphasized the importance of early voting in ensuring a safe and fair election in 2024 and called on Republicans to take action.

Conway believes that if President Trump and Mrs. Trump lead by example and vote early in Florida, it will inspire their supporters to do the same. By making a big spectacle out of it, Conway hopes to encourage Trump’s voters to take advantage of early voting, eliminating the risk of unforeseen Election Day events preventing them from casting their votes.

The GOP’s presidential preference primary in Florida is scheduled for March 19, and early voting in the state has already begun. This allows Trump and other Republicans to show their commitment to the electoral process by voting early.

Conway’s call for early voting aligns with Vice President Kamala Harris’s plan to engage young leaders in the democratic process. Harris announced that the federal government intends to use the Federal Work-Study Program to pay college students who register other students to vote in 2024. This initiative aims to increase student voter participation and address the shortage of poll workers, many of whom have left their positions for various reasons.

While Trump and Biden are expected to be their parties’ nominees, a recent Fox News poll showed that Biden is trailing Trump among voters under 30. This poll highlights the need for Biden to shift his campaign focus onto Trump, as suggested by David Axelrod, former strategist and adviser for former President Barack Obama. Axelrod believes that Biden needs to move away from the referendum mode and concentrate on exposing his opponent’s flaws.

The importance of early voting is further emphasized by the fact that 76 percent of Americans favor making it available two weeks before Election Day, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted last July. This sentiment reflects a growing recognition of the benefits of early voting, including increased accessibility and convenience for voters.

While early voting has historically benefited Democrats, as reported by The Washington Post in 2022, there have been some notable shifts. In Texas, for example, 200,000 fewer Democratic voters cast their ballots early in the primaries compared to the 2020 primary season. This indicates that early voting trends can vary and are not solely advantageous to one party.