Stolen Valor Suspect Learns Her Fate 

( A lady from Rhode Island committed one of the most despicable acts of theft. 

In a press statement issued Tuesday, federal prosecutors said that Sarah Jane Cavanaugh had been sentenced to almost six years in federal prison. Cavanaugh was found guilty of constructing an intricate deception scheme in which she pretended to be a Marine in the United States Navy. 

Cavanaugh’s military service claims are non-existent. She has not put her life on the line to protect our country. 

While working at the Rhode Island Veterans Affairs Medical Center, she got access to sensitive information that she used to steal the identities of genuine veterans. 

The imposter Marine raised $250,000 for fictitious cancer treatment by falsely claiming she had contracted the ailment while serving in the military. 

According to Task & Purpose, Cavanaugh utilized the stolen information of a Navy veteran who was genuinely suffering from cancer to further her plot. 

The liar said she was injured by an IED in Iraq and received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for her service in the Marine Corps. 

Because of how well her scam worked, Cavanaugh was eventually promoted to post commander for the Veterans of Foreign Wars in her area. 

According to Task & Purpose, Cavanaugh’s plan started to fall apart when the military charity HunterSeven revealed it could not locate any records of her military service. 

Cavanaugh’s conflicting claims of rank upon release as a staff sergeant and a corporal were spotted by a former Marine officer. 

In August, the crook entered a guilty plea to wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, a falsified military discharge certificate, and the unauthorized use of military awards. 

According to an FBI agent in the Boston region, Cavanaugh’s ploy was a shameless attempt to profit off his service and the respect due to veterans. 

A federal court sentenced Cavanaugh to 70 months in prison and ordered her to pay restitution to the victims of her fraud totaling $284,796.82. 

Falsely representing one’s military service to get money, property, or other material benefits is now illegal according to the Stolen Valor Act of 2013.