Source Of Nikki Haley’s Funding Exposed

Former Democratic Rep. Max Rose has sensationally claimed that liberal activists are funding GOP Presidential candidate Nikki Haley. Mr. Rose said the former South Carolina governor has little support among conservatives, but she remains in the race because she has the financial backing of past Biden supporters. “There’s no poll that will show her winning virtually any primary, [yet] she’s not having a money problem,” he said.

Following a string of defeats in Iowa, New Hampshire, and her home state of South Carolina, Haley says she will nevertheless continue in the race. The final result in the Palmetto State showed a decisive victory for Trump with 59.8% of the vote compared to Haley’s 39.6%. In a subsequent speech, Ms. Haley congratulated Trump on his victory but warned that “America will come apart” if President Biden is re-elected in November.

Haley told her cheering supporters that she will stick to her promise to continue in the contest regardless of the South Carolina result. “I’m a woman of my word,” she said.

Political analysts and commentators have asked why Ms. Haley continues in the White House competition despite resounding losses. Haley regularly explains that she is staying because most voters don’t want Trump or Biden re-elected, but some commentators suggest her presence is part of a Republican party reshape and the strengthening of an anti-Trump faction in the GOP.

Elaine Kamarck, writing for the Brookings Institution, said she believes Haley is staying in because Trump faces so much uncertainty and could be a convicted felon within the next few months. “It’s hard to predict how his loyal base will react,” she wrote. Haley has tried to portray Donald Trump as a chaotic candidate, and Kamarck said that characterization will carry a lot more weight if he is found guilty of criminal offenses.

Ms. Haley said she will stay in the White House race until at least Super Tuesday on March 5, when 15 states go to the polls.