Russia Scrambles Fighter Jet Against U.S. Bombers

Two American B-1B bombers were seen approaching the Russian border above the Barents Sea, prompting the Russian military ministry to announce on Sunday, March 24th,  that a MiG-31 fighter plane had been scrambled.

As soon as the MiG-31 approached, the US bombers veered away from the border, according to the ministry.

The U.S. bombers allegedly changed their flight paths when the Russian fighter aircraft saw them, allowing them to avoid Russian airspace. According to Russian military officials, the interception was conducted in compliance with all applicable international regulations.

According to a media outlet, the two United States Air Force Rockwell B-1B Lancer aircraft were maneuvering across international and Norwegian airspace while on a mission.

Some members of Norway’s military were hesitant to comment on the flights. According to the Joint Headquarters in Bodø, the aircraft were in Norwegian airspace before crossing into international airspace over the Barents Sea, according to the report.

According to spokeswoman Reidar Flasnes, the operation included airspace in Norway and other countries.

According to Flasnes, the United States managed the flights but could not provide details on the activities. The Norwegian Ministry of Defense had approved the flights, she said.

There have been no comments from the US European Command on Sunday’s bomber mission in the Arctic.

On that morning, several US KC-135R Stratotankers left Mildenhall airport, located north of London. The tankers flew north Over Sweden and Norway.  Above the Arctic Circle, they supplied fuel to US bombers and perhaps the jets from NATO nations that were providing assistance.

Norway directed the highly publicized NATO exercise Nordic Response 2024, which concluded last weekend. The training prepared allied troops to support Norway in the event of war and involved a fleet of more than fifty frigates, submarines, corvettes, carriers, and military aircraft trained inside the Arctic Circle. The exercise included almost twenty thousand soldiers.

Reports show that a Royal Air Force tactical refueling exercise took place in Norway last December. The exercise involved refueling an Airbus A400M during severe arctic conditions. Norway frequently hosts NATO military exercises, especially those that train for arctic conditions.