Tucker Carlson Says Biden Is Being Sabotaged By His Own Party

(PatrioticPost.com)- Last Thursday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested that Biden’s presidency being “euthanized” over his mishandling of classified documents would be like “arresting El Chapo for expired license plates.”

During the opening segment of last Thursday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host said it must be a “pretty weird experience” for a normal person to watch Biden’s presidency “get euthanized by his own party.” Carlson said while there might be “an undeniable thrill” to watch it happen to “the most destructive president in American history,” at the same time, Biden getting destroyed over “some of the stupidest and most dishonest laws Congress ever passed” is missing the point.

He said more has been broken under Joe Biden’s watch than any other president in history and he “deserves to be driven from office and disgraced.” But getting him on violating classification rules would be like “arresting El Chapo for expired plates.”

Describing it as a “missed opportunity,” Carlson said if they want to investigate Biden for crimes he has committed, “there is a very long list.” He said the United States is “being invaded” at the southern border, the world stands at the brink of a nuclear war, American cities are “slums,” the “economy is in shambles,” and flights aren’t even taking off on time. Carlson added that Biden and his administration “have a hand” in all of it.

Carlson said the permanent unelected bureaucracy in Washington “makes the biggest decisions” in the federal government while crushing anyone “who tries to rein them in,” making our democracy a “joke.”

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The president’s personal attorneys discovered documents in Biden’s old office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington on November 2. However, the White House did not make the discovery public until earlier this month.

Additionally, classified documents were found in the garage of Biden’s Wilmington home on December 20. More documents were found inside the home on January 12, prompting Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel to investigate the matter.

On January 20, the FBI conducted a “consensual search” of the Biden family’s home where they found additional classified documents from Biden’s time in the Senate and as vice president.