Royal Caribbean Confirms Passenger Death On 9-Month Cruise

Royal Caribbean confirmed last week that a passenger aboard its nine-month world cruise had died, NBC News reported.

In a February 13 statement addressing social media rumors about the death of a passenger on Serenade of the SeasUltimate World Cruise, the cruise line confirmed that a passenger had “sadly passed away.”

A spokesperson for Royal Caribbean said that the passenger was not booked for the full “Ultimate World Cruise” but instead, had booked an individual sailing.

Serenade of the Seas set off on the Ultimate World Cruise on December 10 from Miami. The 274-day cruise travels to all seven continents, stopping at 60 countries and featuring tours of eleven wonders of the world, including the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro and India’s Taj Mahal.

In January, Serenade of the Seas traveled to Central and South America, with stops in Mexico, the Caribbean, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.

The Asia-Pacific leg of the journey began on February 11, with Serenade of the Seas making stops in Hawaii, Polynesia, and Australia before continuing to South Korea, Japan, and India. From there, it will sail to the United Arab Emirates and on to Greece.

The cruise ship features 1,073 guest rooms and can hold more than 2,100 passengers. Some passengers can book an individual sailing for only part of the worldwide cruise.

While it confirmed that one such individual-sailing passenger had died aboard the ship, Royal Caribbean did not disclose the circumstances of the passenger’s death, out of respect for the privacy of the passenger’s family.

Royal Caribbean said in its statement that the cruise line was “providing support and assistance” to the passenger’s family.

The nine-month world cruise has generated interest on TikTok, with some passengers aboard Serenade of the Seas chronicalling the journey in videos.