Ron DeSantis Says He Made Disney Money

During his 2024 presidential announcement on Twitter Spaces, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claimed that he made Disney more money than anyone else, according to The Epoch Times. He reasoned that by saying that during 2020 when other places around the country were closed, he kept them open. 

Disney and DeSantis began their feud when the company decided to join the so-called “culture war” and condemn his “Parental Rights in Education Act” that prohibits teachers from discussing gender and other inappropriate topics with children below the fourth grade. LGBTQ+ advocates denounced the bill as “Don’t Say Gay,” and Disney decided to partake. 

In retaliation to its political stance, DeSantis decided to strip the company of its self-governing status in the state. But that move has not been met without criticism from even the GOP. DeSantis brushed off Republicans who have urged him to end the bout with Disney and dismissed them as corporatists and he justified his actions by saying that Disney’s ethos has changed and there is no reason to allow them to be self-governing anymore. 

The governor added that gender ideology is wrong, and children must be protected from it, especially in schools. The comment comes at a time when schools around the country have been pushing the transgender and gender identity craze. In some instances, school faculty have been encouraged to lie to students’ parents about their identity or to call welfare services so that parents can be reeducated. 

Books have also been a contentious topic in politics as explicit material has been offered to students in their libraries. The issue garnered national attention as some of the books featured explicit images of genitalia. LGBTQ+ advocates have been in support of the books, arguing that having them there is supportive of LGBTQ+ students. DeSantis, however, has removed such books, including, “Gender Queer” and “Flame.”

DeSantis has also ensured that parents will be able to review what books are being offered in libraries.