Ron DeSantis Quietly Pushed Democrat Plot For Puerto Rico To Be a State 

( According to a report, Ron DeSantis joined more than thirty Democrats in their quest to bring in a new state by co-sponsoring a bill in 2018 (H.R. 6246) in an attempt to make Puerto Rico a state. If this bill passed, there would be two more Democrats serving in the United States Senate. 

A bill that was co-sponsored by DeSantis and introduced in the 115th Congress by Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner Gonzalez-Colon would have made it possible for the territory of Puerto Rico to be admitted into the Union as a state.  

The Puerto Rico Admission Act was a favorite project of both Democrats and Republicans. The majority of the rhetoric of the bill is focused on expressing dissatisfaction with Puerto Ricans’ voting rights. 

The report shows DeSantis went as far as to describe that Puerto Ricans were treated as citizens with second-class status. 

Moreover, the bill for Puerto Rican statehood mocked the idea of the American Republic by using the leftist cliche that the country is a democracy, and that reasoning justifies the bill’s passage. 

National File reported that when an editor attempted to question Ron DeSantis’ Spokeswoman, Christina Pushaw, to ask if he still favors statehood for Puerto Rico, Pushaw ended the call. 

According to The Library of Congress, Puerto Rico was annexed as a territory of the United States in 1917.  Its residents were granted citizenship. 

Throughout the twentieth century, there was a shift in the economy from agriculture to industry, which resulted in an increase in movement from rural areas to metropolitan regions. 

People from Puerto Rico started migrating to the mainland in the 1920s in search of work opportunities in places such as New York, where they established neighborhoods. 

Since 1948, the position of governor of Puerto Rico has been filled by someone elected by the people.  

In 1952, a constitution that allowed for internal self-government was ratified and implemented. At that time, Puerto Rico had the status of a commonwealth while continuing to function as an organized and incorporated territory of the US.