RFK Jr. Confirms He Qualified For Nevada Election Ballot

The campaign for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced last week that the independent presidential candidate qualified for the Nevada ballot, The Hill reported.

In a March 5 press release, Kennedy24 announced that the campaign collected the signatures necessary to put RFK Jr. on the Nevada ballot in November. Additionally, the campaign won its Idaho lawsuit to extend the state’s signature deadline.

The Kennedy campaign collected over 15,000 signatures to appear on the ballot in Nevada, a state that President Biden won by only 2.39 points in 2020.

The Kennedy scion said in the press release that he looked forward to competing against Trump and Biden, noting that nearly 70 percent of voters did not want a rematch between the two candidates.

The Kennedy campaign has also qualified to appear on the November ballot in Utah, and according to the campaign, supporters in six states, including California and Georgia, have submitted political party paperwork to get the candidate qualified to run in the “We the People” political party and the Texas Independent Party.

Following the March 12 primaries in Georgia, Mississippi, and Washington, both Biden and Trump secured the delegates needed to clinch their parties’ nominations, kicking off a 238-day general election race, the longest general election race in modern history.

A recent polling average from Decision Desk shows Kennedy trailing far behind President Biden and Donald Trump in a 3-way match-up with only 11.4 percent support to Trump’s 41 percent and Joe Biden’s 37.9 percent.

Republicans and Democrats alike have expressed concern over how Kennedy’s third-party run might impact the general election, which is expected to be a tight race decided in a handful of battleground states.

While Kennedy’s initial primary challenge to Joe Biden was promoted in some Republican circles, the Republican National Committee recently sent out a promotion listing the 23 reasons Republicans should not vote for RFK Jr. and describing him as a typical Democrat politician.”