Progressive PAC Prepares $30M Assault

A Chicago-based progressive group plans to invest around $30 million to boost Democrat voter turnout in the 2024 election, the Hill reported.

The Progressive Turnout Project hopes to boost voter turnout among “inconsistent” Democrat voters using multiple strategies, including mailers, door-knocking, and reminder postcards.

Alex Morgan, the group’s president, told The Hill that the Progressive Turnout Project planned to spend between $30 million and $35 million in seven key battleground states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

He said the group’s four priorities are to reelect Joe Biden, retain the Democrat majority in the Senate, flip the House, and boost Democrat candidates in some state-level races.

Additionally, Morgan told The Hill that the Progressive Turnout Project also plans to boost Democrat voter turnout in key Senate races in Montana, Ohio, and Texas.

Ohio Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown is considered vulnerable in November, and Morgan said the group planned to “shore up” his support to prevent Republicans from flipping the seat.

The Progressive Turnout Project also hopes to help Democrats achieve the unreachable goal of flipping a Texas Senate seat blue by backing Democrat Congressman Colin Allred in his race to defeat Republican Senator Ted Cruz. Morgan told The Hill that Texas could be the “best pick-up opportunity” for the Democrats in 2024.

Like Sherrod Brown, Montana Democrat Senator Jon Tester is seen as vulnerable in 2024, and Morgan said his group would be contributing to Tester’s campaign but would not be running “a lot of programs” in Montana.

The Progressive Turnout Project is also hoping to boost Democrat turnout in swing congressional districts, especially in California and New York.

To meet its goals, the group is looking to hire about 6,000 people in hopes of knocking on over a million doors to get out the vote.

Morgan explained that the best way the group could help Democrats win in 2024 would be to focus on “field efforts,” something he said the DNC doesn’t invest enough money to do.