Pelosi Is Quietly Working to Keep Dianne Feinstein in Power

Elder abuse is sad to see in anyone. It’s particularly depressing to see it in our national leaders.

Pennsylvania senatorial candidate John Fetterman suffered from depression most of his life and had a stroke in May of 2022 that affected his speech and conative skills in understanding speech. Fetterman was elected to the US Senate in November 2022. 

Despite obvious signs of advanced mental decline, Senator Dianne Feinstein, 89 (D-CA), is being wheeled back into the Senate and supported by fellow democrat house member and former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Feinstein was diagnosed with shingles and hospitalized in February of this year. After being gone for three months, she returned to her senate duties last week. 

When questioned by reporters, Feinstein was convinced that she’d missed no time in the Senate and that she’d been voting on bills. Her mental acuity had been under suspicion for several years. 

Why does Pelosi want Dianne Feinstein back in the Senate despite her diminishing mental condition?

Feinstein will retire when her current sixth senate term is up next year. Pelosi has put all her support behind her hand-picked former House Intelligence Committee chairman, Adam Schiff. 

If Feinstein resigns her senate seat, it would be up to Democrat Governor Gavin Newsome to appoint a replacement senator to serve the remainder of her term. 

Newsome, who has 2024 presidential aspirations, wants a Black woman to replace Feinstein and Barbara Lee (D-CA), which would help his chances in 2024. 

To compound things for Nany Pelosi, while Schiff has name recognition and already has a $15 million war chest, Lee will be running against Schiff in the 2024 general election, and being an incumbent has its advantages. 

It’s also possible that Gov Newsome could also appoint another black woman to the seat, adding more drama to the election. 

Nancy Carinne Prowda, the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, is shadowing Feinstein during her daily duties in the Senate, reaffirming the Schiff/Pelosi plan to keep the ailing senator in her current position until the 2024 election.