Nikki Haley Declares The Trans Debate “The Women’s Issue Of Our Time”

While appearing on CNN this week, “The View” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin slammed GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley for discussing men competing in women’s sports during her CNN presidential town hall, The Daily Caller reported.

Haley headlined the CNN town hall from Iowa last Sunday where she took questions from CNN anchor Jake Tapper.

During the town hall, Haley described boys playing in girls’ sports as “the women’s issue of our time.”

Griffin, a former Trump administration official, told “CNN This Morning” co-host Poppy Harlow that she disagreed with Haley and suggested that the Republican candidate only made this claim because she “needed to throw some red meat to the base.”

Griffin added that before she brought up “the trans issue and guns issue,” Haley’s town hall “felt very much like a general election performance.”

Griffin said people should remember that the trans sports issue is “the minority within the minority,” noting that transgenders make up only a small portion of the population in the United States. She explained that arguing about high school or college athletics breaks that minority down “even further.”

She said she thinks conservatives should “push back” by arguing that local governments and school boards, and not the federal government or the president, should be the ones to “deal with this” issue.

According to Axios, during her town hall, Haley also criticized frontrunners Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis for opposing entitlement reform, arguing that the country can’t continue “kicking this can down the road.” She said not tackling entitlement reform means leaving it up to the next president and ultimately “leaving a lot of Americans in trouble.”

Haley also expressed her support for providing military aid to Ukraine, arguing that it is in the best interest of US national security for Ukraine to defeat Russia.