More Child Labor Reports Come To Light Against White House

The Biden administration is facilitating a large scale immigration invasion into the United States and that has included the harsh reality that migrant children are exploited for labor. Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su was grilled by Republican members of Congress as she sat before the House Education and Workforce committee last week to discuss the Department of Labor’s goals for the next year, according to The Daily Caller

Su is having a hard time in his position as some Democrats are opposing her nomination. She appeared before the committee only after Rep. Virginia Foxx threatened to issue her a subpoena for failing to show up. But Su struggled to answer questions when pressed by GOP members. Rep. Jim Banks, who is running for Senate in 2024, asked her about the administration’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigrant children working in “punishing jobs” like in slaughterhouses and roofing. 

Banks quoted an article from The New York Times that highlighted the problem and accused Su of ignoring it. After struggling to respond, Su claimed that the article was a reflection on the department doing its job, citing an investigation into the issue. Banks also pressed Su on whether or not there is a relationship between ICE and her department to enforce child labor laws. 

Su responded that the department created a task force, but it does not include the Department of Homeland Security. Su later appeared to contradict this statement when she mentioned another task force that included the DHS. After his questioning, Banks entered a memo that shows Su’s efforts to obstruct ICE officials on enforcing labor laws. 

Rep. Glenn Grothman also questioned the secretary and brought up remarks she made in 2005 about American society being built on “white supremacy.” She did not retract her statement.