Mary Poppins Gets New Rating Over ‘Racism’ Claims

The United States has been engulfed in a “cold” cultural war for years. This “cold” battle has not been confined to the political arena; indeed, most aspects of average life in the United States has been affected, with corporate America and the field public education often being the location of the ongoing cultural skirmishes. Earlier in the year, InBev, the parent company that owns Anheuser-Busch lost millions of dollars after marketing their beer to transgender and LGBTQ activists for pride month in June of 2023. The company Target also suffered after rolling out several products of children’s clothing which displayed gay pride and transgender messaging on garments for toddlers. Swim pieces crafted which appear to be made for transgender persons were sold by Target in sizes fit for young children. These products reach shelves during a period in which a tense discourse surrounding transgender education for minors’ rages in communities around the nation, most notably in New Jersey.

In the Garden State, dozens of school boards have defiantly stood against Governor Phil Murphy and the Department of Education in opposition to new radical policies. In Virginia, a new school board member replaced the bible with a stack of “LGBTQ” books that depict graphic sexual acts and lewd language and placed his hand on them when being “sworn in” to office. Unsurprisingly, Karl Frisch is a homosexual man from California who now resides in Fairfax county, Virginia (the place where much of the radical curriculum changes of the left first came to light). He was elected in 2019 and is a Democrat who was backed with money from out of state donors.

It appears that a dangerous, “cancel” culture has become all the more commonplace in every regard of society as time goes on. The classic movie Mary Poppins recently received a “PG” rating in Britain due to the use of a word called “hottentots” which is now somehow deemed racist.