Marlow Reveals Key Questions Investigators Should Ask Biden

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow believes that congressional investigators should look into the Bidens’ dealings with companies as part of their corruption inquiry into the family and just ask them “what they did” for these organizations.

On The Drill Down Podcast, Marlow discussed this with best-selling investigatory author Peter Schweizer.

During a conversation about the editor-in-chief’s latest New York Times bestseller, Breaking Biden, Schweizer, a senior writer for Breitbart News, asked Marlow if the inquiries on Capitol Hill were moving in the direction he expected.

He asked if there would be an impeachment in the future.

Schweizer, who co-hosts the show with Eric Eggers of the Government Accountability Institute, has brought up House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer’s (R-KY) efforts to investigate corruption within the Biden family.

Marlow admitted that Schweizer had white-pilled him on this issue since he had become highly pessimistic about the country’s future. He did, however, note that Comer’s strategy, in which he appears to be starting with the mafia’s lower-level bosses and working his way up, looks to be a sound one.

Marlow advised Comer to start bringing in high-level personnel and publicizing the news. He also suggested approaching them personally to inquire about their business involvement.

He noted that it would be exhausting to ask repeatedly what steps were taken on behalf of these businesses, but he must. He has to ask Jim Biden what he did for these businesses. He has to ask Hunter, too.

Marlow predicted that Hunter Biden, on his own, would make incredible comments because we’ve seen it when he’s answered questions for the press. They will respond to inquiries with responses that are completely insane. And if the public finds out about them, Marlow said, “Joe’s not going to win again.”

Despite his extensive knowledge of the Biden family, Schweizer nonetheless found fresh information in Breaking Biden, something he rarely admits to doing.